Motivational Speech from David Goggins

I first heard about David Goggins while listening to Joe Rogan’s podcast. One thing that really stood out to me was how raw David Goggins is. He is a tell it like it is person and doesn’t hold anything back. Some people will complain that he is vulgar but in my opinion, this speaks to his genuineness. Looking at this life, two words can sum it up and they are overcoming adversity. I have never heard of anyone overcoming as much adversity as David Goggins has.

After hearing David Goggins on Joe Rogan’s podcast, I listened to some of the other speeches he’s given. After listening to several, I purchased his audiobook called Can’t Touch Me. The reason I purchased the audiobook version is that David and his ghost rider go over some of the details in his book, sort of like editors’ comments aka podcast. The audiobook also gives me a sense of his adversity. The extra information Goggins gives in the audiobook gives you his thoughts on the events in his life. Some of the events in the audiobook had me tearing up because I could put myself in his situation and feel the emotional trauma he went through. If you want to gain motivation in your life, study David Goggins as he has overcome some of the worst circumstances any person can go through and overcame them.


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