Learn How to Regain Self-Esteem With These 7 Easy Tips

How you can get your self-esteem back

When it comes to self-esteem and regaining it, I have a story to tell. My friend, who went from being a bubbly and dynamic girl to a battered, abused, and depressed woman. Then back to being the confident and attractive woman, she made herself to be. It amazes me to see the way she pulled herself together and made her rebound.

I will talk about how she rediscovered herself and transformed into an idol for others around her. It wasn’t a smooth transition for her, but all her efforts have surely paid off.

Get out of abusive relationships

how to regain self-esteem

When she was in an abusive relationship, she blamed herself for the mistreatment. She thought that it was her shortcomings that lead to such a disastrous relationship. She was afraid to talk to people and to seek help.

She had become introverted, depressed, and disinterested in life; her confidence and self-esteem were down the drain. She had let the man she loved to walk all over her and in doing so, lost her bright self. When she couldn’t take the abuse anymore, she decided to leave him and move on. And that became the turning point for her.

Getting out of the relationship and doing things on her own was not easy for her, but what it taught her was to be healthy and stand up for herself. She made her travails a learning curve towards progression and improvement.

Recognize that self-respect is a building process

Just as it takes a while to lose your self-respect, it also takes some time to regain or rebuild it. If you’ve never thought about self-respect, this is an excellent time to weigh the merits of respecting yourself and tailoring your life so that you hold yourself in the highest regard. What you most value is what you will pay attention to.

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Face Reality

When you are faced with a questionable situation, the easiest way out of it seems to escape or run from it. But the real thing to do would be to face the situation and figure a way out of it. The first lesson to learn for regaining self-esteem is to face reality.

It is not easy to accept that to yourself or to anybody else, but you have to do it. That’s what my friend did. She faced the reality that she had lost her confidence and self-esteem.

Talk to friends

She talked about it not only to herself but to her friends. Facing the reality of her situation gave her an insight into what she is supposed to work on. She took advice and help from her good friends and tried to follow it.

Find your passions

My friend always enjoyed painting. She took up her interests with renewed energy. When you do something, you enjoy it boosts the feel-good emotion in you.

It makes you feel better about yourself. Any appreciation from others for your activities will enhance your sense of self and surge your confidence further up. So finding something you enjoy doing will help in regaining your self-esteem.

Love yourself

Like who you are – Self-perception plays a very vital role in how you project yourself. When you are not comfortable with who you are, you tend to come off as a meek and submissive person with a deep sense of self.

Stand up for yourself

When people see a person with a low or nil self-confidence or self-esteem, they tend to think that they can get away with mistreatment.

If the people around you have abused and pushed you around, remember that it is not your fault. It is their lowliness and your goodness that they are being allowed to treat you bad.

But, that doesn’t mean you should let them treat you that way. Muster the strength to confront and fight back. You are better than that. So don’t ever let yourself down in your own eyes.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope these tips on how to regain self-esteem can help you. Have a look at our article on how to stay positive and happy in life.

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