How to Get Something Off Your Mind

How to get something off your mind

I am not someone that believes there are quick fixes in life. You hear things like change your life in a minute or beat depression in 60 seconds. To create lasting change, things take a bit of time.

Today we are going to talk about how to get something off your mind and stop the negative thinking. This one tip helped me create lasting change in my thinking.

This is a little technique from cognitive behavioral therapy. This tip is so great for how to get something off your mind and negative thinking. Have you ever had moments where you’re daydreaming?

Maybe you are thinking about something that isn’t really negative, but there’s no purpose to it? Maybe you’re thinking of a scenario of your in your past, and you say, I wish I just did that differently.

Or you think about that time in the past, let me go back, and I’m going to do something differently. Or, I now know what to say to that person! Negative thinking and unwanted thoughts put a drag on your mood and life.

Negative thoughts take up so much energy. They are pointless. So, here’s the tip on how to get something off your mind. It’s just three words.

That’s all it is. When you have a negative thought, a thought that you don’t want in your brain, you’re gonna ask yourself this question.

Is this useful? That’s pretty simple, right? Now you are probably thinking, how can that question stop my negative thinking? Thanks for wasting my time, buddy! Peace, I am out!

The point of asking yourself this question is to put you in the driver’s seat of your mind, and it puts you in control. When these negative thoughts are spinning, and unwanted thoughts and you’re just listening to them, you’ve invited them in, they’re doing whatever they want in your brain.

Why do I think about him or her? You’re allowing the thoughts to have power over you both mentally and physically. When you ask that question, you are putting your brain in a vulnerable state that’s vulnerable to you.

Let’s say you are feeling a little depressed or feeling sad. Maybe you’re feeling anxious, sorry for yourself. Perhaps you’re feeling lonely. It happens.

And you’re thoughts are like this, I feel so alone, I have no one to talk to. What am I doing with my life? What’s wrong with me? I wish I had more friends. Ask yourself the question is this useful?

When these things are happening, you have to stop and ask yourself, are these thoughts helpful? What’s your obvious answer going to be? Of course, they’re not!

What good is feeling sorry for yourself at that present moment? What good are these thoughts doing? They’re just making you feel worse. So, you ask yourself, is this useful? Your answer would be no.

The thoughts will stop because you’ve asked yourself. There’s no point. You have given yourself permission to stop your thoughts. What this also does is encourages you to take action.

That’s the most important thing in how to get something off your mind. I’m lonely, I am sad, and I am unhappy, don’t help you. Now, how are you going to get something off your mind?

You can really focus on the present moment when you don’t have these negative thoughts stirring in your mind. ‘Is this useful?’ These three words have changed my life. It has created clarity in my mind.

how to get something off your mind

Try asking your self is this useful when you start thinking negatively and see how much change it brings. I hope this article on how to get something off your mind is helpful. Thank you for stopping by and have a blessed day!

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