How to Change Your Perception

This is how to change your perception

You see, how you perceive a thing, determines how you receive a thing, and how you receive, determines whether you will receive it in. You see, the problem isn’t the problem. Your attitude, your philosophy is the problem. You see, some people spend most of their time talking about and worshiping the problem than they do on the solution. What you focus on, you grant reality into your life.

“Because one believes in oneself, one doesn’t try to convince others. Because one is content with oneself, one doesn’t need others’ approval. Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her.”

Lao Tzu

You see, Tammy and Suzy drive into the same parking lot every Monday through Friday and go to the same job. Suzy is upset about the health benefits, about the air conditioning, about the politics in the office; while Tammy is excited that she gets to have a job, that she gets to pay her bills, that she gets to take her kids to Disneyland with the bonus that she gets every four months.

how to change your perception

You see, what Suzy is upset about, Tammy is grateful for. Your outlook determines your outcome, and how you receive a thing determines whether you receive it again. Six months later, Suzy was let go while Tammy was promoted. If you get this, it will change your life forever. A lot of people talk about being single and they have the perception and the belief that all the good ones are taken, while somebody else with a different perspective has the belief and then comes from of wow.

Look at all this time I have to build myself up before my one comes. How you receive a thing determines whether you receive it again. What you focus on expands. You grant it, you put it in your reality. If you’re perceiving and receiving the negativity, then that’s exactly what you’re to get in your life all day, every day. You see, some people see the word impossible while others see I’m possible. What I’m challenging you to do is to step into that space.

Step into the space of I’m possible, everything is possible. Because it is. You see, the power of perception can change your entire life. You can either be in heaven or hell right where you are standing based on what you are perceiving. I challenge you right now, today, to take another look at all of the stuff you’ve been complaining about. Take another look. Reframe and take another look at the bills that you’re so upset about because you get to pay them. You have the money to pay your bills but yet you are upset about them. You created everything in your reality, and if you did, that means you get to be grateful for it.

The only way to get more is to be more. The only way to be more is to become grateful for everything that is.

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