15 Tips on How to Retain Memory Better

Easy Tips on How to Retain Memory Better

A memory remembered is useful if you want to achieve success in your life. It can help you learn faster, get a better job, and also generate more money.

If you commit yourself to try out new things, this ensures you can boost your memory.  Here are some tips on how to retain memory better.

Live in the moment.

An excellent method to enhance your memory is to pay attention to anything you are learning at that moment.

The objective here is knowledge retention. Failing to focus on the topic at hand means the information will not be fully remembered.

Don’t doubt yourself.

Remembering things is tough if you doubt yourself. Always be as specific as possible when you learn something.

Doubt causes you to remember the uncertainty. It doesn’t always make you forget, but it doesn’t allow you to recognize it.

It doesn’t mean you will forget, but it doesn’t mean you will remember.

Keep a diary or a calendar for appointments.

This is great on how to retain memory better.  A diary and calendar are excellent to keep track of events or dates. Use the calendar daily and keep it in the same place. You need to look at it every day. You will have to update it and also to make sure you aren’t forgetting something.

If you’re having trouble with your memory, try jogging or riding a bike. Health research shows exercise promotes the development of different brain cells. This assists in enhancing an individual’s mind.

Attempt to picture what you’re trying to remember.

When you see a mental image of what you want to learn, you will remember it better.

Imagine things like pictures, charts, and specific aspects of what you’re reading. When you think of this, you can recall the thoughts more efficiently.

Play a mind game.

To improve learning and remembering information, use the Mnemonics techniques. These are mind games that are used by kids when trying to understand something.

For instance, people apply I before E, except after C” to recall the English vocabulary. The letter “I” generally goes before “E” in words, except after the letter “C.”

Smaller bites of information.

Break complex information into smaller, digestible pieces. This simple technique is used to help somebody remember big numbers.

For example, your credit card number, phone number, and social security numbers are broken down into smaller numbers. This makes it easier to remember.

You can do the same thing with complex information that you’re trying to remember.

Mindful Meditation

Working memory, which is a bit like the brain’s notepad, is where new information is held temporarily. When you learn someone’s name or hear the address of a place you’re going to, you hang on to those details in working memory until you’re done with them. If they’re not useful anymore, you let go of them entirely. If they are, you commit them to long-term memory where they can be strengthened and recalled later.

Working memory is something we use every day, and it makes our lives a lot easier when it’s stronger. For most adults, the maximum we can hold in our working memory is about seven items, but if you’re not quite using your working memory to its max capacity, meditation is one thing you can try to strengthen it.

Research has shown that participants with no experience in mindfulness meditation can improve their memory recall in just eight weeks. Meditation, with its power to help us concentrate, has also been shown to improve standardized test scores and working memory abilities after just two weeks.

Why does meditation benefit memory? It’s somewhat counterintuitive. During meditation, our brains stop processing information as actively as they normally would.

Source: Fast Company

Feed your brain.

The brain needs fuel just like the body does, and a balanced diet includes fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. This will help you remember things.

Try and limit saturated fat in your diet.

Saturated fats can cause memory loss and less concentration. Drinking alcohol in small amounts can help your mind and cognitive skills. A glass of white wine a day is a perfect choice.


When learning a new phrase, put a picture with it. When you associate the photo with the information, it helps you remember.

This attention to detail can help cement it in your mind. Also, use the mental picture you formed to remember the information later.

Do not overload yourself with too much information at once.

To memorize information, you have to break it down instead of cramming everything at once.

Learning something quickly never helps anything. It will overwhelm you and set you up for memory failure.

You have to plan small study sessions to get into the habit of remembering.

Live in the moment.

If you pay attention to now, you are likely to remember it later. You won’t remember things you experienced by living in the past. Try not to dwell on the past or the future while making new memories.

How to Retain Memory Better With Supplements.

Fish oil supplements are excellent for your brain and can improve your memory. Fish oil has Omega 3 fatty acids, and studies have shown it enhances the brain’s memory.

Speak to your physician about dietary supplements before taking it. This way, you can make sure you are taking the right amount.

Pill organizer.

If you have a bad memory and you’re on medication, you might want to get a pill organizer. This will help you remember to take your medicine at the time you need to.

If you have forgotten to take your medication, you can look at your pill organizer to see when you last took your medicine.

Try a visual association to help with memory issues.

how to retain memory betterThis technique consists of putting an image with each phrase you want to remember. This makes remembering that phrase more memorable.

Research has shown that combining images and words is an excellent way to remember things. Try it out next time you are learning something.

It’s easier to retain memory better when they are unique to you.

Think about why you have to remember the information. For instance, if you’re going shopping, ask your self, why?

It might be for your child’s birthday, and when you think of that, it helps you remember to buy things.

You have to actively prepare your mind before you begin to try to remember something. It’s just like a runner, they need to stretch before running. You have to visualize yourself learning what you want to remember. This will also allow you to be prepared and organized.

I hope these tips on how to retain memory better will help you.  These strategies should help you remember something today or in the future. Just keep on using what you have learned on how to retain memory better, and you’ll enjoy your ability to remember essential details and facts of your life.

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